QuantumCongratulations on making the decision to take charge of your health with holistic integrative quantum natural medicine and biofeedback for pain management.

Naramata Lifestyle Wellness Centre are now accepting new clients.  We understand you face unique challenges in reaching your health goals.  It is our mission to do everything we can to help you succeed.  We offer a warm friendly environment (wheelchair access).

We provide a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.  We combine the best of advanced natural holistic techniques and quantum alternative treatments, without standard pharmaceuticals.  Our belief that healing comes from within leads us to more natural interventions, with the lowest side effects.  You will learn how to identify your stress, re-harmonize your body and balance your mind.  This will help put you back into your natural resonance.  Our programs can help you gain more insight into yourself and your current state of energetic health and wellness.

When we give our body healthy food and pure water, it intuitively has an innate ability to heal itself.  We have developed innovative, integrative and alternative health options with bio-energetic technologies including biofeedback; neurofeedback; PEMF; LED light therapy; quantum pulse; heart rate variability; rife technology; ionic foot detox; far infrared sauna; musical acupuncture; voice re-patterning; trans-generational family re-patterning; kinesiology; body charger and whole body analysis.

We also teach Emotional Freedom Technique for pain management.  German New Medicine is always reviewed to understand the root cause.  The Art of Living can be enhanced gently and effectively when we allow A Course in Miracles to be a part of our being.

We also have a full line up of energy medicine including Reiki; Theta Healing; Body Talk; and Access Consciousness. Our goal is to nurture, coach and empowered you towards self healing.  We have been successfully fulfilling our mission since 2008 at Naramata Lifestyle Wellness Centre.  Please let us know how we can help.