BodyTalk System™

BodyTalk System™BodyTalk System™ takes an integrative approach to health care by supporting our body’s own natural healing mechanisms. A BodyTalk practitioner’s role is to restore communication systems within the body/mind. Our body’s response is to supply holistic, non-invasive ways to end physical, mental and emotion pain, relieve stress and attain optimum health.

Each system, cell and atom in the body is in continuous communication. Everyday stresses often disrupt these lines of communication or overload the energy circuits. The BodyTalk System is simple and effective; it re-synchronizes and re-aligns. This allows the body to return to its natural healthy function, effectively responding to injury and illness – as nature intended.

The BodyTalk System works by identifying the weakened or damaged internal energy circuits. Each session is individual, straightforward and no diagnosis is made. The practitioner relies on the client’s inherent knowledge to locate the energy links needing repair. A form of biofeedback, a subtle muscle-reflex technique, offers this essential information along with the proper order in which the changes should be made. Addressing all healing in a sequential order is paramount in the energy balancing process.

hands holding the sun at dawnThe practitioner then lightly taps the client on the top of the head, stimulating the brain center, requesting it to re-evaluate the state of the body’s health. The result? A delicate energy balance of the body immediately takes place.

As part of the standard non-invasive procedure, the practitioner next taps the client’s heart complex thereby storing the corrected energy changes in the body’s cellular memory. The heart is responsible for communicating the state of the body’s health to the rest of the body.

Once the body’s ability to heal itself is initiated, the healing process follows rather quickly. Usually there are no healing reactions although a healing response may be experienced.

Thanks to the IBA (International BodyTalk Association) for providing some content used on this site.