Mind & Body Wellness

Naramata Lifestyle Wellness Centre specializes in the quantum physics approach to natural stress reduction with several high-tech systems. They can identify your stresses, re-harmonize your body, balance your mind and help put you back into your natural resonance. Energetic systems work as preventative therapy and to assess energetic emotional and physical risks. Quantum programs can help you to gain more insight into yourself and your current state of energetic health and wellness. Energy therapy can set new patterns to bring your whole self into a state of energetic wellness.

Your brain is the major control centre of your body. Quantum Biofeedback gives your brain the reprogramming it needs to de-stress and integrates your internal information to strengthen the way your body operates. This is done with sophisticated forms of feedback, scalar, trivector and neuro-linguistic reprogramming (NLP) – with advanced systems that bring the body back into balance, naturally.

TelecommunicationsQuantum Neurofeedback is a totally new field of energy medicine / vibrational medicine that addresses the electrical properties of the body through stress re-activity testing of the entire energetic body field. Once tested, energetic therapy helps to neutralize dis-ease and imbalances to harmonize the system. Quantum therapy works to relieve stress by balancing physical trauma and emotional trauma by stimulating the mind to naturally balance the body.

Quantum Healing Helps

  • Boost Vitality and Stamina
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Relieve Pain
  • Chronic Complaints
  • Sharpen Memory and Clarity
  • Create Higher Levels of Health
  • De-stress the body and mind
  • Anti-Aging