Naramata Lifestyle is excited to offer Retreats for personal improvement, spirituality, recovery and self-discovery retreats.  Our location is nestled amongst the vineyards and orchards.  This is an ideal place to explore and re-invent self.   With beautiful landscapes, such as Munson Mountain, the KVR, Giant’s Head, Okanagan Lake, Skaha Lake and Skaha Bluffs are just a few of the miraculous places to visit.  Naramata Lifestyle’s health and wellness offers a diversity of retreats year around.

If you are interested in a trans-personal experience, this is when the reality of a person enters ~ they have the ability to transcend their everyday default reality and the conditioned confines that structure this reality into the material world we live in, giving us a schedule with seasons, across the lifespan of time, with fixed truths and absolutes, and limitation, duality, and attachment to permanence.

Our retreats can take a person beyond third dimensional awareness and their five-sensory limited ability, and into the spiritual realms that connect every living being, species, and form of life. Through trans-personal experiences, also known as mind-mapping, perception re-framing a voyager then has a greater ability to move through dimensions, time and space, points in history and in the future, other life times, parallel realities, micro and macro worlds, and to experience different aspects of their own life from varying vantage points.