German New Medicine

AdobeStock_83116273Dr. Hamer coined the phrase “German New Medicine” and the “Five Biological Laws” explain the cause, the development, and the natural healing of ”dis-eases“ based on universal biological principles.  What we do on a daily basis directly influences our health today and determines what it will be for the future.

All medical theories, whether conventional or “alternative”, past or current, are based on the concept that diseases are “malfunctions” of the organism.

Dr. Hamer’s discoveries show that nothing in Nature is “diseased” but always biologically meaningful. According to the Five Biological Laws, diseases are not malignancies, as proposed by conventional medicine, but instead are age old “Biological Special Programs of Nature” that assist an individual during unexpected emotional distress.

Firmly anchored in our knowledge of embryology, German New Medicine is a true natural science.

Five Biological Laws are verifiable in any given case at any given time. Since 1981, Dr. Hamer’s findings have been tested more than 30 times by several physicians and professional associations through signed documents.  All documents attest to the 100% accuracy of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries. The Five Biological Laws are at the same time in perfect harmony with spiritual laws. The Spanish call GNM “La Medicina Sagrada”, which means the Sacred Medicine.