Health Benefits

Fruits and vegetables.Health Benefits

Health benefits are one of the primary reasons people become Vegan. Weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, less use of medication, avoiding surgery, and feeling and looking great are some of the many health benefits.

Although many people ask how vegans get the nutrients they need or attempt to prove that animal products are essential, a vegan diet is actually healthier than the alternative. Read more about the essential nutrients vegan receive in a later section.

Dieting by eating less is the most common form of weight loss in North America, however, it is not the healthiest. This method can cause anorexia and other malnutrition disorders. But to lose weight you don’t have to eat less. You can eat as much as you like of the right foods and not gain weight. Food itself is not what causing weight gain. Animal products contain extremely high amounts of fat that vegetables don’t have. By not eating high-fat foods you will lose weight, even if you continue to eat a lot.

Another major certain for many people is cholesterol. Too much cholesterol can clod your arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes. The good news is only animal products contain cholesterol. Humans naturally also have small amounts of cholesterol. By not eating animal products, your cholesterol level will remain low, limited to the amount already in your body. High blood pressure levels will also drop considerably, with just a few weeks of eating the right foods.

Often medical doctors give patients medications to “solve” their medical needs. All these medications are just pharmaceutical drugs. The natural state for the healthy human body is to be in a drug-free state. Medications generally make you feel better short term, but do not really improve the situation. Healthy foods will allow you to become less dependent on medications.

People, who eat high on the food chain, consuming large amounts of meat, dairy products and eggs, are plagued by chronic lifestyle diseases, ranging from cardiovascular deterioration to many types of cancer. A rich body of medical literature links the high quantities of cholesterol, saturated fat and protein found in meat-rich diets to the incidence of these diseases throughout the world.

Although surgery can fix some problems, it is often only a temporary solution. It is often the patient’s diet that caused the problem, so continuing to eat the same, could bring the problem back. Becoming a vegan is a permanent change, which can greatly reduce or eliminate this unnecessary and expensive surgery an unhealthy diet can cause.

For those concerned about their health, reducing the consumption of animal foods is as essential as quitting smoking or regular exercise.