CharCharlene Reeves, DNM, PhD, RNP, CBS

Charlene is a compassionate integrative natural medicine woman advocating a holistic approach for health and healing using natural medicine and supportive energy therapies.  She is well versed in holistic therapies, utilizing bio-energetic principles for over 20 years. Her interest in energetic medicine began after the birth of her daughter with down syndrome.  She has since worked with a wide variety of top performance elite athletes, spectrum disorders, and addictions.  She is a biofeedback specialist empowering individuals to return to homeostasis. The weight management program combines bio-energetics medicine (the subject of field of biochemistry that concerns energy flow through living system). Charlene is a leading pioneer in specific electrophysiological assessments in alternative medicine (the meaning of electrophysiology – Electro: The electron is a subatomic particle; Physis: ‘nature, origin’ the study of electrical properties of biological cells and tissues.

Charlene infuses modern medicine with energetic medicine for deeper, more authentic healing than conventional medicine could ever do on its own ~ resolving the unresolved.   Her gift in understanding natural medicine provided a perfect opportunity to blend her skills in teaching* perspectives on human culture and behavior, and the recognition that food is a basis of emotional as well as physical nourishment.  Honoring Hippocrates’ injunction “let food be thy medicine”, she expands the concept to embrace the multiple healing properties of plants, and other substances found in nature.

Charlene is a natural teacher, holds a doctorate* in natural medicine and uses her in-depth knowledge of holistic foods based on The Hallelujah Diet and Quantum Neuro-feedback philosophy to eliminate stress and create optimal health.  Charlene practices this healthy lifestyle and this way of thinking, which is very empowering for her patients to see the work in action.

* the Latin origin of the word for doctor is docere, meaning teacher

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